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Troubleshooting Ajax Responses

Need to see Javascript generated by an Ajax helper in an Ajax response? Well, you won’t be able to see it by viewing source because, since it’s an Ajax response rendered by Javascript, it’s not technically part of the source at all. But you can still see the Javascript—and what may be going wrong—like thus: […]

Having your stylesheets neatly organized

A helpful #rubyonrails denizen named Dema posted an entry to his blog today and asked if his Rails solution was useful to anybody. Boy is it ever! Here’s what he has to say: At first, you start with a global CSS file, included in every page thru the ‘link’ tag. But as your website grows […]

A Little Form Help From Your Friends

I have a dirty little secret, and I’m not sure if it’s really the best idea to announce it here being the rather public forum that it is, but here goes: I hate HTML. You’re probably wondering why that little statement rates up there as a “dirty little secret,” involving, as it does, no dubious […]

troubleshooting rails

So, I had been tracking down a phantom. My error messages didn’t make sense. Everything FastCGI-related seemed to be in tippy top shape. When I launched Webrick instead of trying to run Typo through Apache, I got the weirdest thing ever: Instead of an error, I got a page that simply said: BRB

fastcgi berzerking

You may have noticed that Slash7 has been down for a few days. Well, the downtime was (I thought) precipitated by too much load on the server, thanks to my Rails apps. I was notified by my friend, who lets me share his server, that he had to kill my FastCGI processes and shut me […]

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