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The Product Revolution ‘tude

I’d like to bestow upon Copylicious Kelly the Shiny Happy Crown of Best Comment on the Last Blog Post for this revolution-friendly tidbit: I want to live in a world where big companies are forced to compete with the little people, splitting up into teensier, tinier pieces, adopting lamer and lamer logos before finally becoming […]

Developers, Designers: Make an Infoproduct

A few days ago, I got all inspired by an idea and immediately decided to tweet it for quick & dirty market research – Would anyone be interested in a course on how to make & sell infoproducts? The answer kinda blew my mind: @amyhoy: What’s an info product? This. We cannot have this. Grab […]

Throw Down: Why I’m Doing This

Naomi Dunford of Ittybiz threw down the gauntlet, in the form of a challenge to all us small biz types to answer the following tough questions. I did it. You should too. What’s your game? What do you do? I challenge smart, creative people to stop whoring themselves out for the pleasure of clients and […]

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