Jump Start Credit Card Processing: Freckle Time Tracking

Credit card processing bites.

There’s no single fantastic online tutorial. Nobody’s there to hold your hand to explain all the crazy hoops you have to jump through to reach your final goal of accepting credit cards. There’s no checklist that tells you what kinds of accounts you have. The list of terms you have to learn is both long and confusing. The web sites of the service providers really don’t help, either.

By far, understanding, building and testing our credit card processing system took the most time of anything we did while building freckle time tracking. And that’s with help!

Enter Jump Start Credit Card Processing. I spent an entire day on this, my little Xmas present to the Ruby / Rails / homebrew SaaS community, resulting in 7 info-packed pages about how credit card processing works and how to get started with ActiveMerchant.

Current version: 1.0 (download)

Jumpstart_CC.pdf (page 2 of 9)

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Thank Yous

The whole thing wouldn’t have happened if Lakshan Perera hadn’t asked me to provide something tasty for his Ruby Advent 2008.

I asked endless clarifying questions of my husband and partner Thomas Fuchs and our freckle partner-in-crime Dieter Komendera. They even provided the code samples inside.

Also a big thanks to Ben Curtis, whose Software as a Service (SaaS) Rails Kit saved us tons of hours in the subscription/account limits/credit card charging area. Like Rails itself, it didn’t attempt to totally remove our need to code, but it gave us a great platform to build with and I estimate we launched at least 1-2 weeks earlier because of it.

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