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Drop That Design! 6 Things You Need to Know About Color

Certain color combinations can make your eyes water, others can make your eyes practically leap out of their sockets in delight. Colors can help instill confidence in a product, company, or design—or undermine it. Color can set the mood, or destroy it. Color can make you fit in, or stand out—and it depends on your […]

OSCON 2006 Interface / UXP Presentations

I have two presentations at OSCON last Thursday, and as usual, I promised to post the slides. A little delayed, perhaps, but here they are. I recommend them in the order I list ‘em… although there’s no audio to accompany it, you can still probably glean some good infos!

Making Multi-Column Text Work

Er, whoops! If you wanted to comment on this entry, or trackback, I apologize. I accidentally had those turned off. Trust me, it’s not personal. Now, feel free to either rant or rave. Well, it’s still the end of my rant, but Misuba left a comment on my previous post (prior to this update) with […]

Remember Kids, Web != Print

One of the biggest sins you can commit when designing a web site is acting as if you’re designing for print. The web is not print. The elements of design which carry over from print are there, to be sure, but they are extremely non-specific (e.g., spacing of text headings). Computer interfaces are not static, […]

design your software—please!

I’ve been working with some other (non-Prototype) Ajax toolkits recently at work, and I feel the need to vent. It really hasn’t been fun. But it has been useful—it’s served as a powerful reminder to me about the importance of logical design. Sometimes we get so spoiled with our tools that we forget how truly […]

web|works content, part 2

OK, I lied. Turns out the upstream here on the hotel wireless is actually very good, so here we are, well before evening: Quicktime Movie (Large – 640×480) 5.2mb Quicktime Movie (Small – 320×240 2.1mb PDF 5.9mb Quicktime movie usage: Download the file to disk, please, don’t try to run it in your web browser—not […]

web|works content, part 1

Well, I haven’t decided the best way to export my slideshow yet since my pretty diagrams and such somehow resulted in a 40 meg Flash file. Wow. But what I will probably do is one PDF export and a couple of different Quicktime types. So, stay tuned to this location… I’ll post it tonight. In […]

Ajax Craziness with Amy

I’m prototyping an internal application for my company, and I’m using Rails to do it (yay!). It’ll probably turn into a Javascript-only application, with some hooks to the server, later on. In the mean time, I get to do such fun stuff as this: <script type=”text/javascript”> Droppables.add(‘conditional_<%= @id %>’, {hoverclass:’hover’, onDrop:function(element){ new Ajax.Updater(‘conditional_<%= @id %>’, […]

The Way The Web Wasn’t

Check out Qooxdo (as in “cooks do”), an open-source set of Ajax “widgets.” None of em show up in Safari 2, so I can’t try them—but they have a page of screenshots.The site is very attractive, and the name creative, so I was hoping for a really whizbang product. Aaand… they all look like Windows. […]

technology, technique, & the brain

I’ve been reading lots of books lately on not only how humans consciously shape things, but on how things unconsciously shape us. Books like Our Own Devices, by Edward Tenner, and The Evolution of Useful Things, by Henry Petroski. While the former is a somewhat poorly written book that is more an amalgam of many […]

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