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Migratory Schemas

It’s getting to be that time of year again… the leaves are falling, the skies are gray, the temperature’s noticably lower. It’s time for birds to make their way south. And apparently this is the migratory season for another ineffable creature, the database schema. Kevin Clark has written an awesome article on writing migrations for […]

Cool Stuff Round-up

Just to balance off the intense Amy-centricism of the previous post, I’d like to have a little linkapalooza of cool stuff from other people which you’ll want to check out. Faster TDD with Rails promises, well, faster TDD with Rails. Florian’s new approach eliminates a lot of the cruft when running tests on Rails apps […]

Podcast & Book

This post is all about the shameless self-promotion, so be warned! Podcast Yesterday I had the honor of being podcast-interviewed by Geoffrey Grosenbach of TopFunky and Ruby on Rails Podcast fame. You can download it, as well as other recent podcasty goodness, here (temporary URL… they’re waiting on DNS changes to go through). It’s nearly […]

upgrading typo to 2.5.6

Well! I upgraded my ooooold (2.0.6) Typo install to the spiffing new 2.5.6. I learned all about rake migrate (which didn’t want to work) and such fun things. And, because of the new theme engine, I’m back to square one, visually speaking. And my other preferences are gone, too. Upgrading your Typo is as easy […]

"Packets out of order" take 2

Daryl of Two Ells has come up with another way to solve that blasted “Packets out of order” error, without installing a new gem. Just a refresher, to anyone who’s finding me via Google and doesn’t know what this error means: It refers to the changed MySQL password hashing in version 4.1 and greater. You […]

Ajax Craziness with Amy

I’m prototyping an internal application for my company, and I’m using Rails to do it (yay!). It’ll probably turn into a Javascript-only application, with some hooks to the server, later on. In the mean time, I get to do such fun stuff as this: <script type=”text/javascript”> Droppables.add(‘conditional_<%= @id %>’, {hoverclass:’hover’, onDrop:function(element){ new Ajax.Updater(‘conditional_<%= @id %>’, […]

Troubleshooting Ajax Responses

Need to see Javascript generated by an Ajax helper in an Ajax response? Well, you won’t be able to see it by viewing source because, since it’s an Ajax response rendered by Javascript, it’s not technically part of the source at all. But you can still see the Javascript—and what may be going wrong—like thus: […]

Ajaxariffic Autocomplete with Scriptaculous

You’ve read the ONLamp tutorial, but you lust for more. So you want to autocomplete, do ya? Do ya?? You’ve come to the right place.

Having your stylesheets neatly organized

A helpful #rubyonrails denizen named Dema posted an entry to his blog today and asked if his Rails solution was useful to anybody. Boy is it ever! Here’s what he has to say: At first, you start with a global CSS file, included in every page thru the ‘link’ tag. But as your website grows […]

A Little Form Help From Your Friends

I have a dirty little secret, and I’m not sure if it’s really the best idea to announce it here being the rather public forum that it is, but here goes: I hate HTML. You’re probably wondering why that little statement rates up there as a “dirty little secret,” involving, as it does, no dubious […]

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