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Introducing ColorWars

You’ve probably heard of Ze Frank (if not, shame on you!). If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably heard of ColorWars, a sort of Twitter-based prank-experiment created by Ze Frank. You probably found out about ColorWars the same way I did: logging into Twitter one afternoon and going “Holy crap! What the hell is all this… […]

Alex Hillman is better than me.

I met Alex last year at SXSW, almost by accident. My friend Gary Vaynerchuk wanted me to meet a friend of his, Tara Hunt. Alex was there with Tara and we ended up chatting—I had to ask him about those awesome tattoos. And then, when he announced he needed tea & honey for his ravaged […]

Back from the road

Tomorrow I’ll find myself at home again—for almost the first time in the past 6 weeks. Thomas and I spent all of February in New Zealand, and 3 days on either side in San Francisco. We got back to my home in Maryland for all of 2 full days before flying out again to SXSW […]

Food for thought

Links for the past week or so (including older stuff that’s resurfaced in my or consciousness for whatever reason): Interaction Design Why ‘usability’ is a path to failure ‘Me’ vs ‘You’ vs ‘I’ (interface language, not touchy-feely intrapersonal relationships) Intuition, pleasure and gestures Just Doist It Lie-ins and Tigers — even if you’re not […]

Speaking of doing things differently…

Thomas Fuchs, of fame, has gone out on his own again as a consultant. If you need some of the world’s best JavaScript expertise, he’s your man. Heck, I’d hire him. Or at least, I’d contribute design ideas and photographs for his site (which I did). A site which, by the way, is powered […]

Bored? Befuddle.

In a whirlwind of part-time activity, my buddy and long-term partner-in-crime Erik Kastner and I have launched a little toy we call Befuddlr. The premise is simple: browse Flickr groups, click a button, and race to solve a custom photo puzzle… as easy or as hard as you like. You don’t have to take our […]

Vitamin A (for Amy)

I’ve got an article up now at ThinkVitamin, the very awesome web developer / designer / entrepreneur weekly run by the lovely people at Carsonified (née Carson Systems). So, if you’re dying for your Slash7 fix, you might want to read Product Pages: So Much Suck, So Easy to Fix.

Ruby East will go on without me

Earlier today, I had a sad phone conversation with Tracy, the illustrious organizer for Ruby East 2007. The gist is: I can’t make it. I couldn’t finish my talk and would have had a difficult time making the trip because I’ve got a sprained shoulder. (Is there anything I haven’t sprained yet? Yes—but don’t ask […]

Last-minute self-pimpin’

Obnoxious but required: if you like the sound of my SXSW talk, wouldja vote for it? John and I will be going either way but it would sure be fun to help spread the multi-talented love. Also, based on my experience last year, I feel like SXSW could use a few more well-prepared presentations rather […]

Women in technology?

A while back, Tatiana Apandi—my long-suffering editor at O’Reilly—asked if I’d be interested in writing an essay about women in technology for a project she was working on. I was a little skeptical at first, being naturally suspicious of things that put the focus on sex rather than, oh, I dunno, how a person thinks […]

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