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Hug Your App: Usability Audit for Christmas

You’ve got an app that is on its way to awesomeness. It just needs a little tender lovin’ care in the usability or design department to get there. Buuut… your budget can’t take a full redesign right now. And yet… January 1—and the end of taxable year 2008—is almost here. Well, as a small business […]

What to expect when you’re expecting… to launch your product

Holy cross-promotional posts, Batman! I wrote an essay on the freckle blog about what it’s like to launch. I think you might enjoy it. It’s two weeks since we launched freckle to the public. I know, now, what it feels like to have a small child. Perhaps I am a wee bit melodramatic (some might […]

Ruby Advent: Read it, & tell me what to do

Did you know there’s a Ruby Advent calendar this year? 24 days of Ruby goodness, leading up to what I fondly call “Giftmas” in my godless heathen way. The organizer, Lakshan Perera, has asked me to do a little somethin’ for it. Of course, I’m delighted. I want to do a cheat sheet. The day […]

Backwards lives

I stumbled across this fantastic quote this morning: Often people attempt to live their lives backwards: they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what want so that they will be happier.The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then, […]

Masturbatory "Design" semantics

Every design commentator, author, critic or blogger must at sometime pose the question “What is design?” and then give us his personal answer. It’s like the discovery of masturbation: everybody does it at some point (some later to the game than others), and everybody thinks they’re the world’s first. How amazing! Only most people have […]

Cat bag-ectomy: freckle’s live

Hey, that thing I wrote about—it’s live! freckle is a new time tracking app (web-based service) made especially for small teams. freckle is made by me, Thomas and the lovely boys of abloom. It’s very different. I like to say “refreshingly different,” but of course, I may be biased. But it’s definitely different. Click me […]

I’m shipping, and I’m scared about it

You probably haven’t heard about freckle, unless you follow me on twitter. This is because this year is the year that Amy learned that the more she talks about something, the less likely she is to do it. My theory used to be that if I publicly committed myself, the external pressure would help. Turns […]

The pay-off of persistance

The famous Processing guru has put online some “then and now” samples that really demonstrate how he became, well, the famous Processing guru. What a difference!

Great conceptual design in advertising: chasing the "Aha!"

I found a neat little blog called Ad Goodness. It probably won’t find its way thru the labyrinth of qualifiers before it gets into my heavily defended feed reader rotation, but it led me to some nice stuff. I love clever design. Even more than that, I love design that makes *me* feel clever. Some […]

Books aren’t dying either, OK?

Looks like it’s that time again! I’ve found another article that’s annoyingly devoid of green, leafy facts but full of sweet, specious seasoning. Reasoning. I mean reasoning. How’s this one start off? [Charles Petzold:] People are probably reading and writing more than ever, but a lot of this reading and writing is online. Consequently, book […]

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