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Why we need interaction designers, not Photoshop jockeys

This article came up on my linkdar recently: Future Practice Interview: Bill Scott . (I don’t know why its title is so un-explanatory.) The interviewer (Lou Rosenfeld) talks to Bill Scott, who heads up “interface engineering” at Netflix. The $64,491 question Lou asks the driving question of the interview (from my viewpoint, anyway): “What do […]

Your Questions: When do you do UI & Ajaxify?

Have I not answered your question yet? Don’t worry, I plan to get to all of them. I suck at email, but I’m learning the discipline to manage all this stuff. Please bear with! Today’s question is one I get a lot, actually. It’s not quite the same as the UI workflow question I answered […]

Your Questions: Tough-love App Marketing Edition

Jon Trelfa writes in with a nerd dilemma as old as time. Or at least as old as the goddamn “web 2.0″ moniker. I’ve tried the “if you build it, they will come” model and thus far my great-idea has been sitting with zero hits. I’ve done the SEO stuff to increase ranking as well; […]

Your Questions: The right way to program?

Catherine Musinsky wrote in with 3 questions, only one of which I’m going to answer publicly. Catherine, thank you so much for this question. You’ve given me a fabulous gift: the justification to rant! She writes: As a former painter and Rubyologist-wannabe, my tendency is to lay down the sketch first and fill it in […]

Your Questions: Amy’s UI Workflow

Aaand… we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming! Sorry for the delay. I am still working out how to keep my grubby mitts on all the balls I’m trying to juggle at once. It doesn’t help that some of those balls are actually swords, doused in gasoline, and lit on fire. Javier Vázquez from Switzerland […]

Quick note about shipping

It’s 10pm and I’m tired. That is, it’s 10pm in New Zealand, where I am after a completely epic trip. On Thursday, we flew to London, then Hong Kong, then Auckland. Even though both the London -> Hong Kong and Hong Kong -> Auckland flights were about an hour shorter than normal, that’s a total […]

JavaScript Performance Rocks! is live!

Our beta ebook is now live & for sale! Check it out. And soon, back to our regularly scheduled programming. I didn’t manage the Question of the Day today because the ebook-related stuff took up more than twice as long as I expected. D’oh. So much for a good habit. But I’ll make it up […]

Last chance for the 20% off on JavaScript Performance Rocks!

Just wanted to let you folks know, we’re shipping our beta book JavaScript Performance Rocks! today in, oh, about 2 (maybe 3) hours. Which means we’ll be sending out the discount codes in, oh, about 2 (maybe 3) hours. If your name’s not on the list by then, you won’t get your code! (Stands to […]

Your Questions: Best way to structure forms in HTML?

Time for question number two! This time, it’s a short one… about HTML. Brian Liles asked today’s question: What do you think about form design? Are you a div with p? Are you an ol with li?How about tables?Or something even more funky? None of the above, actually, Brian! I used to be a proponent […]

Your Questions: Client-side JavaScript Frameworks?

Thanks for coming through with more questions, guys! I’ve got enough for this week and maybe another week after that. You rock. This first question I picked because it’s related to JavaScript, and, well, I’m in a JavaScript mood (and in the mood to pimp our ebook!). Nicolas Papon, a French developer, wrote in: I […]

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