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Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

I’ve been working my tail off at work so we can ship the new version of our flagship product. I really cut my teeth on advanced Javascript with this project which began several months ago. I’ve stretched my CSS abilities, too. And I’ve spent more time debugging than in any other point in my life. […]

Oh, that HURT! (Of Migrations, Sessions, and Downtime)

To my most beloved readers, You may have noticed some strange behavior around slash7 this past 24 hours. First, the site was just gone. Then it required a username and password (and the notification listed my email address and AIM account for you to “get credentials”). I’ve never received so much reader mail in one […]

Are Writers Better Women?

Alex Bunardzic is apparently a fan of my writing style. In his post, Are Women Better Writers? he writes: So what is it that I admire so much in Amy’s style, for example? Well, there is this particular kind of bounciness that keeps the proceedings danc[ing] around the subject gracefully. I can’t put it in […]

A Not-So-Objective View of Ruby

It’s a sad state of affairs. I’ve been so remiss when it comes to blogging (and anything else that is quasi- but not directly work-related) that someone scooped me on something related to me. Marcel Molina, of 37 Signals (and previously, Ionist), posted this to the Ruby on Rails weblog: The first is an introduction […]

Apple Posts Rails Tutorial

Well, I wasn’t expecting Apple Computer, Inc., to get in on the act, but I suppose it’s unsurprising that they have. Ruby on Rails and OS X are, after all, two great tastes that taste great together. It appears that that the Rails community drives enough folks towards Macs that it’s on their radar. (Demo […]

Chattering at Canada on Rails

Somehow I forgot to mention that I will be at Canada on Rails this April 13th through 14th. D’oh. How it could slip my mind, I can’t fathom… I blame the drugs! I’m giving an introductory talk on Ajax in Ruby on Rails, and I hope to see you there. Even if my topic’s not […]

RailsConf in Chicago This June

Tickets are going fast for the first official RailsConf, which runs June 22nd through 25th in Chicago. They already have some amazing keynote speakers lined up. If you plan to go, you better hurry! I submitted two proposals for talks, and at this point, of course, I can’t say whether either will be accepted. But […]

How Not to do Customer Service

If you’re like me, you’ve bought into the whole “t-shirts are the new bumperstickers” thing. For one, I can spend $15 on a t-shirt and not have to worry about breaking out the acetone and blowdrier later if I change my mind. There’s no risk to my paint job, and I don’t have that low-level […]

How Amy Got Her Brain Back

Forgive me for the allusion to a certain vomit-inducing movie that I do not in any way support or condone — it’s just the phrase that popped to mind, and it fits. I don’t usually write about personal stuff here that isn’t related to design or code, but bah! It’s my blog and I’ll navelgaze […]

The Fall from Scaffolding

I learned about Ruby on Rails because I was into Basecamp. Basecamp I heard about on a designer’s forum called YayHooray!, a long time ago, back when Basecamp was new and beta. If I hadn’t read that Rails was what was behind Basecamp, I probably never would have bothered looking into it. But what really […]

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