Last chance to save $5 on JavaScript Performance Rocks

Subtitle: Where the heck has Amy been!?

Long and short: I been around, baby!

Take 2 months of international travel (including 3 continents), working all the while, 2 conferences, and several biz collaborations. Add moving offices immediately upon return. Add finding, acquiring, and moving to a new apartment a couple weeks after that. Add to that trying to work on 2 in-house products, plus a couple client gigs.

Set it to Blend and you get… my life the past 3 mos. Holy crap, mayhem, tears, the works.

I am NOT going to do that again.

Anyway, I’ve been cleaning house. I’ve buckled down and changed the way I work, for the better, and it’s really taking effect. Lately we’ve been hard at work on Freckle, doing some stuff that you would hardly believe (that I hope we can announce rrreaaaall sooooon nowwww).

And Thomas and I are now wrapping up our JavaScript Performance Rocks! ebook. Finally. Yes, for real!

But enough about me, what about you?

Existing owners of JavaScript Performance Rocks!

You have waited long, and for that I will be forever grateful. You will be getting v1.0 by email the very second it’s available. Details will be sent to the email address you paid with.

If you need to have it sent to another address, no problem! Email me.

And, it might not be right away, but I am going to come up with an awesome thank-you present for you guys.

People who don’t own JavaScript Performance Rocks! — yet

Slow web apps suck. They suck… customers.

Most people will never bother to write you if they quit using your service, and you may never know why. If you’re not staying on top of such things, it could be your app’s performance. And you’d never know.

There’s nothing worse than losing customers and having no clue why. (Trust me on this one.) Or how to fix it. (Ditto.)

But, of course, there’s a solution. Learning how web app performance works means you’ll learn how to monitor it, assess it, and—perhaps most importantly of all—fix it. And save the customers, and possibly also the day. Yay!

JavaScript Performance Rocks! is the best damn book out there on maximizing the performance of your rich web app.

Learning to spot and solve problems

You’ll learn everything from the Most Ridiculous and Effective Performance Fix Ever (you’ll laugh) to how to optimize memory usage in Firefox. Seriously.

Even if you don’t use a load of JavaScript, the first half of the book alone will pay for itself with ideas and implementation details you don’t come across elsewhere.

And if that weren’t enough, JavaScript Performance Rocks! comes with our very own custom diagnostic tool, The DOM Monster!

DOM Monster checks out page performance issues that no other tool does, and it gives you concrete suggestions on how to fix them.

Plus it’s got a monster icon, and who can beat that?

Oh yeah, and bonus: you’re supporting my & Thomas’ bid for freedom, to continue working on open source and other free efforts to teach people and give them excellent tools.

The authors (pssst: you know them)

Thomas Fuchs, as you probably know, is distinguished not only by the fact that I married him. He’s one of the world’s top experts on JavaScript performance. You may not have known this because he’s not nearly as good as extolling his virtues as I am.

And in the JavaScript Performance Rocks! ebook, I basically opened the magical Austrian hinge in his skull, removed his brain, and juiced it.

The book is just full of performance insights—almost 150 pages—all wrapped up in my writing, and adorned with my shiny graphics.

You should buy now

Now is the best time to buy.

You can save $5 off the “cover price”. That’s my way of thanking you for being an early adopter. And you’ll always be on my primo discount announce list. (Unless you don’t want big discounts on any future Amy Hoy productions, of course.)

On Sunday, we’ll ship the final version of the book—the Big 1.0—and the price will go up to $29. Right now it’s only $24.

So, let’s review the process:

  1. Buy the book + DOM Monster today for just $24.
  2. Download the beta.
  3. On Sunday, get the final version—1.0—emailed right to you, at no additional cost, with no extra effort.
  4. Gloat like the smart mofo you are to the poor SOBs who pay full price and don’t get on my primo discount list

Make sense to you?

Return to our regularly scheduled programming


Just wait til you see what I’ve got planned! 🙂

Love you guys. Thanks for your support. I know that sounds canned, but it’s so very, very true.


  1. Becca says:

    Oh, I can’t wait Amy!

  2. Choi says:

    I love this try!!!!! Reflection truly is world`s virtual image,in your work I can fell the power from your crteiave thought! Please do more ! I love 5\4\2/7,they all open my mind,if do more research on this way ,I think you can get more wonderful photo,with brilliant idea in your mind!

  3. Lina says:

    There is a critical shortage of inftimaorve articles like this.

  4. Eddi says:

    Absolutely first rate and copere-bottompd, gentlemen!

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