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When Customers Bitch About Your Price (Biz Book Friday)

Welcome to Biz Book Fridays! I’ve got a whopper of a biz book habit and I’ll read ‘em so you don’t have to. I bring the juiciest morsels straight to you. Sooooo, you’ve got a product. You priced it. You’re marketing it. You’re making sales… or you’re trying to. But you keep getting push-back on [...]

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Why I Pass Up $1,450 – & Turn Away Prospective Students

Believe it or not, I turn away students for my 30×500 Product Launch Class all the time. That sounds kinda crazy, doesn’t it? Here I have somebody trying to give me a fistful of hundreds, and what do I tell them? Oooh yeah, fork it over!? No. I tell them to keep it. Why? It’s [...]

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Niches Don’t Work – but Worldviews Do

Hi there! This is an excerpt from 30×500 Launch Class, a class designed to help you create & launch your very own paying product. “Find a Niche” When you get into business, you can’t swing a cat without being told you have to find a niche. What the hey? Well, niches are groups of people. [...]

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When Selling Turns You Evil

Does selling make you evil? Am I evil? Wicked? Slightly naughty? Well, am I? Some certainly would have you think so. There’s a lot of people out there who think commerce is evil. The exchange of money for goods and services? Yep, evil. And inherently manipulative. That’s what they believe. It doesn’t matter whether there’s [...]

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