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Converting to Mephisto – Almost Done

Dear readers, As you can see, Slash7 is almost back to its former beautiful glory. Once I write some custom liquid plugins for Mephisto to handle the rest of the sidebar, and customize some section templates, it’ll be all the way better… and perhaps even better than before. So you wanna be a convert… If […]

RailsConf 2006 Talk & Notes

Phew! RailsConf is over. It was awesome and exhausting—from the late nights in the crummy hotel “bar” and agonizing over lackluster wireless, to the random accordian music, hilarious jokes, and pick-up games of Mario Kart DS. I met so many great people I can’t even keep them straight in my memory. If we talked at […]

Sneak Peak for RailsDay

I’m still awake and still working. Coming soon to a screen near you.

Because, Let’s Face It, Webrick Sucks

My favorite new web server is a real dog. No, really. And it’s no poncy purebred, either—it’s a Mongrel. Goodbye, Webrick Webrick is the built-in Ruby web server that is the default for each Rails app you create or download—when you type script/server, that’s what it’s running, unless you’ve configured it otherwise. It used to […]

Surviving a Digging and the Futility of Statistics

Well, the after-effects of the digg are dying down. I’m elated at the exposure—I certainly didn’t expect it to snowball to the proportions that it did. And what proportions are those?, you might ask. Well, rather big ones, actually. What follows is a formidably long tale of intrigue, danger and, above all, lessons learned about […]


I’ve gotten several emails about my Atom feed being broken. Well, I read them all, but I haven’t had the mental bandwidth to respond or really look into the matter. (Why the Atom interest all of a sudden? I’d never heard of this problem until a couple weeks ago.) Which is just as well, because […]

Teaching Rails for Charity in D.C.

Getting tech to kids is something close to my heart (as is getting books to people). Part of it’s because I’m grateful that I lucked out and had access to the things that made my current life and career possible. Without the house fire we had in 1993, and subsequent insurance payout, I wouldn’t have […]

Canada on Rails

So much to write about, so little energy! More fanfare later, but for now: Getting Started with AJAX on Rails (PDF, 290K) My Flickr stream Canada on Rails Flickr photo group And, for your possible enjoyment, some quick non-talk notes I made that look kind of amusing out of context. I’ll expand on these later. […]

S.O.S: Save Our Sanity

When I first got started in Rails, I was almost more amazed by the community than by the framework. Admittedly, at version 0.7 Rails wasn’t nearly the framework it is today, but it was still really incredible—or at least, you could tell it was going be really incredible. But the community was really something else. […]

Interview with Tobi Lutke of Shopify

Today I’m doing something a little different. I’m posting the very first slash7 interview. If y’all are interested, I might make it a habit! Our first hapless interviewee is Rails core member Tobi Lütke of jaded Pixel. You may not immediately recognize either of those names, but surely you’ve heard of Typo, which originated with […]

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