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Help! My SaaS isn’t growing! +60% revenue, 1 year later…

Just about a year ago, I wrote that Freckle had hit the Plateau of Doom. We were dead in the water at $28,000 a month. We’d grow a little… then shrink a little, grow a little, shrink a little… for months at a time. Why? y=mx+b. Growth (new accounts) is pretty much linear, a reliable… Read more »

A Customer Is Your MVP – A (Video) Talk on Making Products that Sell

This talk is nominally about copywriting, but it’s not, not really. It’s about product-making. It’s about business-making. It’s about gall. I had a blast at Microconf. Highly recommend it. I’ll be back. And thanks so much to Rob and Mike for making these videos available so I can share them with you. Transcript below! Amy [...]

“Shut Up and Take My Money!” – Or, How to Pitch so People Will Listen

The phrase “Shut up and take my money!” may have come from a cartoon, but it’s not a myth. “Shut Up Money” (SU$ for short!) has happened to me and I’ve watched it happen to my students & my friends. It’s unbelievably life-affirming and awesome, when somebody wants to give you their money even more [...]

The 5-part 30×500 Taste Test

The Product Revolution is Coming! Hey there, sexy. As you probably know, I’ve got a launch on right now for the 4th round of my 30×500 Launch Class — aka, the coolest, most bullshit-free, most hilarious, most systematic way ever to start & launch your first product. You also probably know that I’m not just [...]

When You Should Ignore Your “Customers”

I do a lot of sales through email marketing — to folks who specifically requested that I email ‘em. I don’t email all that much; most months, I don’t email at all. For the past month, I’ve been sending 1-2 emails a week. Not just “buy my shit” emails, but free samples from the class, [...]

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Writing the Charm Sales Letter: Backwards Time Lapse Video

I recently spend several days working on a sales page for our new SaaS, Charm, which we’ll be launching this week after over a year of development. Aaand for your edification, I recorded a backwards time lapse of its development. It’s 3 minutes long. Tough Decisions: What Tack to Take? Charm is a real killer [...]

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The Forehead Slap Test for Sexy Sales

Afraid your idea’s too much sizzle and not enough steak? The Forehead Slap Test is an awesome copywriter’s trick, originally by a famous, wildly successful old school copywriter named Clayton Makepeace. (Old school here means direct response marketing — aka mail you receive in your real, physical mailbox. Crayzee!) The Forehead Slap Test tells you [...]

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Will Internet Fame Help You Sell Shit?

Why, hello there. Do you plan to subscribe to Unicorn Free? If so, you might be the one that tips me over the ginormously important 2,000 subscriber mark. I’m so excited to crest that magical number. Soon I will be awash in riches and cabana boys! Because it’s nothing at all to sell shit when [...]

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