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Second-Hand Tales from the Startup Trenches: The Bitter Truth

There was a time when I was at the cutting edge of our industry. I got in on Ruby on Rails, and the Javascript revival, at nearly the ground floor, and worked with some of the biggest people in the PHP community before that. Because I wrote and taught and talked, I was moderately famous [...]

The Problem with the Startup Craze… by Steve Jobs

Below is a quote from an essay by Steve Jobs When I got started I was 20 or 21, and my role models were the semiconductor guys like Robert Noyce and Andy Grove of Intel, and of course Bill Hewlett and David Packard. They were out not so much to make money as to change [...]

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21 Lessons Learned from 16 Years of Hustling

Today I turned 27. For whatever reason, this feels like an important birthday. And it has been one helluva year, with huge changes (good and bad) that I’m still only now coming to terms with. While reflecting (and all that touchy-feely jazz), I realized something: Just how long I’ve been at this, the project of [...]

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Dear Startup World: Chill the Fuck Out

Coming here from The Drama? This post is a reply to the drama, not the beginning of it. Justin’s post came first, after his podcast panel with me and Patrick McKenzie. Then the nasty comment quoted below, in re: Justin’s post. Then this blog post. Yup, how boring and lame is that? DRAMA LLAMA DING [...]

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Don’t bite the shit sandwich

The “startup” world is bursting with bullshit (or, if you prefer, ‘unicorn dust’). There are bullshit peddlers on every blog-corner. They don’t want merely to get you to read. They don’t want merely to sell you their products now and again. They want to sell you on their religion. There are two reasons to sell [...]

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