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designer: divorce thyself

Being a designer is a tough gig. Oh, I know, poor me, right? But wait. Let me explain. As a designer, it’s easy to make a fool out of yourself. Even the most self-deprecating designer has this problem occasionally, and so do I. We want to love all our designs. They are our children, even […]

The Way The Web Wasn’t

Check out Qooxdo (as in “cooks do”), an open-source set of Ajax “widgets.” None of em show up in Safari 2, so I can’t try them—but they have a page of screenshots.The site is very attractive, and the name creative, so I was hoping for a really whizbang product. Aaand… they all look like Windows. […]

godaddy gives good service

I’m not generally one to shill for corps, but domain registration is a topic that’s come up several times on IRC channels I’ve been on lately, and I have been uniformly happy with my experience with GoDaddy (not a referral link), the domain registrar. Their site’s ugly and certainly not the best, usability-wise, but it’s […]

Having your stylesheets neatly organized

A helpful #rubyonrails denizen named Dema posted an entry to his blog today and asked if his Rails solution was useful to anybody. Boy is it ever! Here’s what he has to say: At first, you start with a global CSS file, included in every page thru the ‘link’ tag. But as your website grows […]

technology, technique, & the brain

I’ve been reading lots of books lately on not only how humans consciously shape things, but on how things unconsciously shape us. Books like Our Own Devices, by Edward Tenner, and The Evolution of Useful Things, by Henry Petroski. While the former is a somewhat poorly written book that is more an amalgam of many […]

the new look

I spent some time monkeying around with slash7 last night and made some much-needed changes. Gone is the ooglay mishmash of type, the poorly spaced headers, the utter lack of any kind of page definition. In with some better typography and a little more distinction for the elements of the page. Of course, I’ve discovered […]

A Little Form Help From Your Friends

I have a dirty little secret, and I’m not sure if it’s really the best idea to announce it here being the rather public forum that it is, but here goes: I hate HTML. You’re probably wondering why that little statement rates up there as a “dirty little secret,” involving, as it does, no dubious […]

The MVC Song

Sure, it’s a bit Cocoa-oriented, but it’s a song about MVC. You can’t go wrong! Check it out.

Checkboxes & has_and_belong_to_many

Well, I was going to put the finishing paragraphs on my form helpers article tonight, but I got sidetracked. Witness the Wiki HowTo: How To Work with Checkbox HABTM Relationships … Enjoy.

troubleshooting rails

So, I had been tracking down a phantom. My error messages didn’t make sense. Everything FastCGI-related seemed to be in tippy top shape. When I launched Webrick instead of trying to run Typo through Apache, I got the weirdest thing ever: Instead of an error, I got a page that simply said: BRB

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