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How do you create a product people want to buy?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Have you ever found yourself mired in this process? Come up with idea! Build idea! Put idea online… Wait for sales… … wait for sales… Double down and try to figure out “product-market fit”, in other words: Who wants to buy this? Over the years, I’ve watched countless [...]

The Truth About What’s Holding You Back

I’ve got a ton of interview requests in my inbox right now. I don’t know when my answers to this one will be posted, so I wanted to share it with you right now: Q: When you speak with others who haven’t started their own business, launched their own product such as a new online [...]

4 Years Into Our SaaS: Why Bootstrapping Was the Only Logical Choice

Hey, there. Four years ago this December, my husband & I launched our first software as a service, Freckle Time Tracking. Since then, it’s grossed nearly $700,000, and we’ve grown, shrunk, hired, fired, stagnated and worked our tails off. To celebrate, I’m writing a series of blog posts about what we’ve learned. When I was [...]

9 Years Ago, 37signals Had No Products…

How the hell did 37signals go from an unknown little consulting company to a bootstrapped product juggernaut? Below is a video lesson from my 30×500 Product Launch Class which explains how. It’s called Stacking the Bricks, and it’s a no-nonsense look at how 5 businesses got started, and how they grew and are growing — [...]

Why Blacksmiths are Better at Startups than You

Translations: русский язык There’s a great show called Mastercrafts, a mini-series documentary from the BBC. I recommend you go out and find a way to watch it, right now. Mastercrafts is all about — surprise! — master crafts: blacksmithing stonemasonry thatching hand weaving stained glass green wood furniture-making Trades we barely even think about today; [...]

Henry Ford, the Bootstrapper (Biz Book Friday!)

Hey hey hey, it’s Biz Book Friday! the tradition is coming back. Oh, Henry. Henry Ford was inarguably one of the best entrepreneurs the country (and possibly the world) has ever seen. To wit, here’s Wikipedia’s stunning intro to Ford’s achievements: His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. As owner [...]

Scary Things I’ve Done That Could Have Killed My Business (& Some I’m Gonna Do)

Today’s a Sunday. That means I spent >90 minutes on Campfire with my 30×500 students, answering questions, talking about biz and shootin’ the shit. Today, I wanted to get my students’ opinions on some changes I’m making for the next 30×500. I’m always trying to increase the number of students who stick with it all [...]

Letter to My Struggling Baby Business – Feb, 2009

The date: February 2009. Two months after the (unglorified) launch of Freckle Time Tracking, one month after the surprisingly not bad launch of the JavaScript Performance Rocks! beta. What with all that, the consulting, and the traveling, and the drama with our flakey partners in Freckle, and being newly married and in a foreign country [...]

Success: The Boring Way! The Only Way

“I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art” by John Baldessari (probably a lie!) One of the things I keep telling my 30×500 Product Launch Class students is this: Success is boring. A Peek into the Success Sausage Factory Imagine a movie made from my daily biz life over a period few weeks… I guarantee [...] Related posts:

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You Are So Damn Lucky – Stop Blaming Your Family, Your Friends, & Your Society & Get Off Your Ass

I’ve traveled the world. Well, quite a few parts of it, anyway. Enough to see a pattern, certainly. First of all, everybody, everywhere, is convinced that their countrymen are the worst drivers in the world. And… Everybody, everywhere, is convinced that their country/city/family is the worst environment for creating a great business. In Austria, people [...]

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