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Why Blacksmiths are Better at Startups than You

Translations: русский язык There’s a great show called Mastercrafts, a mini-series documentary from the BBC. I recommend you go out and find a way to watch it, right now. Mastercrafts is all about — surprise! — master crafts: blacksmithing stonemasonry thatching hand weaving stained glass green wood furniture-making Trades we barely even think about today; […]

Letter to My Struggling Baby Business – Feb, 2009

The date: February 2009. Two months after the (unglorified) launch of Freckle Time Tracking, one month after the surprisingly not bad launch of the JavaScript Performance Rocks! beta. What with all that, the consulting, and the traveling, and the drama with our flakey partners in Freckle, and being newly married and in a foreign country […]

Niches Don’t Work – but Worldviews Do

Hi there! This is an excerpt from 30×500 Launch Class, a class designed to help you create & launch your very own paying product. “Find a Niche” When you get into business, you can’t swing a cat without being told you have to find a niche. What the hey? Well, niches are groups of people. […]

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Running the Numbers: Your First Infoproduct

If you’re a freelancer, doing creative-y things, then it won’t take but a small push to get you from No Products zomg! to Hey I Gots a Product. Let’s look at the numbers for Your First Infoproduct. First up: Your Freelance Income Say you typically charge $75/hr. Your rate may be higher or lower; adjust […]

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