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How Your “Fuck This!” Moment Changes Everything

“I’m going to write a book.” “I’m going to build a SaaS app.” “I’m going to quit my job and travel the world.” Sound familiar? How often are these statements followed by action — real action? We all know That Guy. We all know people who spend all their time talking about what they want,… Read more »

From Zero to $3k MRR in 10 days — the story of launching RubySteps

Less than 2 weeks ago, Ruby developer Pat Maddox‘s rent was due. He had quit his job some time before. He had no audience or mailing list, no products… But he did have one thing: He had a pile of hard-earned Sales Safari research, thanks to his time in our 30×500 Product Launch Class. So… Read more

Startup Escape Plan: How to free up time, energy & money to build your future

When you stop working for the day, have you really gotten anywhere? Will the hours that you spent today still be paying off for you next week, next month, next year? If your answer is “No,” then you’re probably here because you’re somewhere on the left side of this spectrum: But you want to be… Read more »

Why You Should Do A Tiny Product First

NOTE: The Bootcamp has been moved to June 29/30th due to conflicts. Expect an official announcement this week! So, one of the major changes that Alex and I are making to 30×500 is to teach our students to create an educational product first. What’s an educational product, or infoproduct? Anything small that teaches (which isn’t […]

Nathan Barry’s $5k App Challenge: My Seasoned Bootstrappy Advice

I think Nathan Barry is the bee’s knees. He’s been killing it with his info products: The App Design Handbook and Designing Web Applications. Even before he announced his Web App Challenge, to build an app from scratch that would reach $5,000/mo revenue in 6 mos, I was sure it would only be a matter […]

Why Blacksmiths are Better at Startups than You

Translations: русский язык There’s a great show called Mastercrafts, a mini-series documentary from the BBC. I recommend you go out and find a way to watch it, right now. Mastercrafts is all about — surprise! — master crafts: blacksmithing stonemasonry thatching hand weaving stained glass green wood furniture-making Trades we barely even think about today; […]

Letter to My Struggling Baby Business – Feb, 2009

The date: February 2009. Two months after the (unglorified) launch of Freckle Time Tracking, one month after the surprisingly not bad launch of the JavaScript Performance Rocks! beta. What with all that, the consulting, and the traveling, and the drama with our flakey partners in Freckle, and being newly married and in a foreign country […]

Niches Don’t Work – but Worldviews Do

Hi there! This is an excerpt from 30×500 Launch Class, a class designed to help you create & launch your very own paying product. “Find a Niche” When you get into business, you can’t swing a cat without being told you have to find a niche. What the hey? Well, niches are groups of people. […]

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Running the Numbers: Your First Infoproduct

If you’re a freelancer, doing creative-y things, then it won’t take but a small push to get you from No Products zomg! to Hey I Gots a Product. Let’s look at the numbers for Your First Infoproduct. First up: Your Freelance Income Say you typically charge $75/hr. Your rate may be higher or lower; adjust […]

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