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VIDEO: Sales Safari in Action

It’s like Christmas! And I get to play Santa. Have you been a good little human? Let’s see what I have here for you… Ooh, hooray! It’s 20 minutes of Safari video lessons from the last session of 30×500! As I mention in my 2-minute intro, these video lessons are a little bit outdated. Since [...]

Vaccinate Yourself Against Crappy Customer Feedback

Gosh, sometimes I love the internet so much I want to marry it. If only internet bigamy were legal! (Sorry, honey.) Right now I’m crushin’ on the internet because of Least Helpful, a blog which does nothing more complicated than put together screenshots of terrible reviews, along with some witty one-liners. Very witty one-liners, in [...]

“I Half-Expect a Kitten with a Top Hat…” – Why I Do What I Do

Suddenly, we’re receiving a lot more — and a lot more interesting — emails from Freckle Time Tracking customers. I don’t know if it’s the Daylight Savings, the fall colors, or the cool weather that’s triggering it… either way, I like it. Here are two of my faves: Kittens with Top Hats… What, No Monocles? [...]

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When You Should Ignore Your “Customers”

I do a lot of sales through email marketing — to folks who specifically requested that I email ‘em. I don’t email all that much; most months, I don’t email at all. For the past month, I’ve been sending 1-2 emails a week. Not just “buy my shit” emails, but free samples from the class, [...]

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