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VIDEO: Failure vs Creating a product people want to buy

Newsflash: Lean Startup and Customer Development are inherently broken. If you ask me, the whole process is functionally bankrupt. Why? Let me answer your question with a pair of questions: Why do you create good things… but nobody buys? Worse: Why do you feel the thrill of a great idea, then get stuck before you… Read more »

“I had a product. But having a product wasn’t enough to be a success.”

Jim Gay is a busy dad. A REALLY busy dad, with 4 kids. He started thinking about switching from consulting to a product business so he could spend more time with his family…because he was tired of working endless, stressful hours to pay the bills. He built a product – the obvious next step for… Read more »

From Pain into a Product, a real live coaching session

Five years ago, we launched the very first class that would become 30×500. For the last 3 three years, Alex and I have played the role of heartless gatekeepers: Wanna take 30×500? Great, you have to apply. Not a designer, or a developer? Sorry, friend, but we can’t accept your application at this time. We… Read more »

What a Japanese organizing expert can teach you about your startup

Preamble: When my husband sync’d his Kindle with mine and saw, for the first time, just how many (heretfore invisible) Kindle titles I owned… he literally sputtered. Then he tweeted a screenshot of the ridiculousness. We just enabled Kindle Family Library. I didn’t know that @amyhoy’s book addiction was that bad.— Thomas Fuchs (@thomasfuchs)… Read more »

Insider peeks: Watch us build the next 30×500

In December, I live-blogged creating an ebook in 24 hours… and the reaction was amazing. Everyone’s always liked my stories, but this? People really loved it. That’s when I realized that it’s one thing to hear a story after the fact… and another entirely to experience it in media res. So, the precedent was set!… Read more »

I used to suck at shipping.

Are you a procrastinator? Do you have a list of unfinished (or unstarted) projects as long as your arm? Don’t feel bad about it. Do something about it. People often marvel at the amount of shit I manage to get done. Me! With a part-time effort, because I am so often ill and juggling two… Read more »

“Should I support PDF, epub, AND mobi?”

One of our 30×500 Alumni asked this question this morning: “How important is it to support all the different ebook formats (e.g. PDF, epub)?” She knew her comfort in LaTex would let her most easily create a good-looking PDF for her technical ebook. She knew other formats like ePub and mobi would require more work…. Read more

Guest Post: “No excuses left, this year I get serious”

This is a guest post from 30×500 alumni Lori Olson. Lori’s been in the 30×500 community since the verrrrry beginning – she joined our original Year of Hustle course back in 2010, our precursor to 30×500. Over the weekend Lori emailed our legacy alumni google group with something that caught our eye, and we wanted… Read more »

12 of our bootstrapping students to watch in 2015

Happy New Year! Amy and I are going to be publishing our OWN reflections on 2014, but in the mean time, I went ahead and rounded up a collection of 30×500 alumni who we were really impressed by in 2014…many of whom have posted their OWN annual reviews. In no particular order, here are 5 annual reviews from some of our… Read more

How to create a USEFUL feedback loop after launch

With Just Fucking Ship, well, just fucking shipped, Amy and I have been focused on two main things: 1) Amy is finishing up the first pass of editing so we can send our customers a FINISHED copy of the book. As I write this email, she’s putting the last chapter through it’s paces! 2) I’m diligently… Read more

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