Our latest project
#BeatCancer is the web face of a 24-hour social media drive to raise money and awareness for cancer-fighting causes, built for Everywhere. #BeatCancer integrates with the Twitter API (naturally!), but also Radian6.

Slightly before that
Positweets, for MINI and Federated Media. In addition to an expected tweet stream, we created a user-driven theme picker, and created fun stats & graphs to bring home the message. (Yes, really. Fun statistics.)

How we come up with this stuff
Wonder how we do our thing? Read this article that Amy wrote about the building of the original PepsiCo Zeitgeist for SXSW 2009. It's a good way to get a feel for how we work, and why our projects are so different.

Spotter's Guide

Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs' Photo

Hi, there.

slash7 is Amy Hoy (@amyhoy) and Thomas Fuchs (@thomasfuchs): interaction buffs, language ninjas, code cowboys, armchair sociologists, hired guns.

We combine our talents to produce the interface uncommon: useful, stunning, revealing, unexpected & mesmerizing interactive software.

We have limited availability for consulting on uncommon interactive projects involving visualization and/or sense-making and data mining from public (or private!) data APIs.

Write us

Email away: biz@slash7.com

Our projects

Things we're collaborating on currently:

  • Scripty2, the brand spankin' new version of the world's most popular JavaScript effects engine
  • Twistori Desktop, a fully-customizable Mac version of twistori
  • freckle, our uncommon take on time tracking
  • CreativeScrape, our strike at the annoyance of feed readers
  • JavaScript Performance Rocks!, our book on rich web app performance
  • twistori, our first excursion into Twitter visualizations, serving up 4 mil page views a month (described as "gentle and intelligent" by NYT Magazine)

Client projects:

  • Scripty2 Multitouch, a cross-browser compatible JavaScript multitouch engine sponsored by Nokia
  • #BeatCancer, the web face for a 24-hour fundraising & awareness drive (Twitter + Radian6 integration)
  • MINI Positweets, positive news tweet stream, filtering mechanisms, fun aggregate stats & animated graphs
  • PepsiCo Zeitgeist: BlogHer, based on our engine for IWNY
  • PepsiCo Zeitgeist: Internet Week (offline), concept, design & development
  • PepsiCo Zeitgeist: SXSW (offline, videos), our groundbreaking Twitter visualizer, described as "the mashup everyone's talking about" by the Guardian Digital Content Blog
  • Pepsi Refresh Coachella (offline), music festival + Twitter
  • Transparency Timeline for the Sunlight Foundation


Not to toot our own horns too much, but... you might have seen our zeitgeist project with PepsiCo at SXSWi 2009 or Internet Week New York 2009, twistori was featured in the IEEE InfoVis 2008 Art Exhibit, and Ray Ozzie thinks we're cool.

Our Twitter/visualization work has been featured in the New York Times Magazine (here and here), NY Times' Bits blog (here), Brand Week (here), the Guardian print edition (two times) and Digital Content blog, Business Week, the Telegraph, ReadWriteWeb, and Venture Beat, among others.