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Invest now, or pay later

“Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” — Henry Royce, of Rolls Royce I was a strange kid. I practically lived at the library, where I would spend hours crawling around — literally on all fours on the grey industrial carpet, the better to see those lower shelves — and read just about everything…. Read more »

On resolutions that don’t suck

Happy New Year! Now…what are you going to do with it? Yes, I know, I know… I’m late. 2016 is now 27 days old and not so sparkly any more. The thrill isn’t gone, exactly, but it’s faded a little. And all those hopeful, shiny New Year’s Resolutions tend to start falling like dominos, right…… Read more »

Time to Let Go of Startup Fairy Tales

If you know me, you know I don’t promote stories of “startup heroism” — those thrilling tales of late nights, fueled by coffee, working everywhere and everytime, for 3-5 years until the acquisition ship comes in and you retire with your riches to “Mojito Island”. It’s a sexy and alluring narrative because it says: All… Read more »

2015 Year in Review – Seven Figures, World Domination, Chaos, Time for a Mojito

It’s been a crazy fucking year. A mixture of horrible things, wonderful things; a mixture of things that happened to me, and things I made happen. It wasn’t boring for a single second. (“May you live in interesting times” – a curse indeed.) My year really kicked off, in October 2014 — yes, yes, I… Read more »

Twas the night before launchmas…

An original poem by Amy Hoy Twas the night before launchmas, and all through my brain Expectations were growing, and popping champagne The buttons all hung from the sales page with care In hopes that cha-chinging would soon fill the air Yes my copy was written, waiting just to be read All needed saying had… Read more »

Are you thinking, or only farting?

Thinking is supposed to be a question mark. But most people treat it like a period. Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors ever. Why? Well, he sees the entire human experience for exactly what it is… and he laughs, indulgently, at the punchline. You think you’re picking up a parody novel and it… Read more »

Make your customers beg you to charge more

In Part 1, you learned how to avoid your customers’ ire — and raise your prices the easy way. In Part 2, I told the story of how I raised prices for our existing customers… and convinced them to choose to pay more. Now it’s your turn. Here’s how… First, remember why customers get furious… Read more »

How I raised prices… by customer request

In startup years, I’m a granny. A SaaS granny. We launched our app, Freckle Time Tracking, waaaaaaay back in 2008. That’s 41 in Startup Years. Yeah. Old. Way back then, our plans went $12, $24, $48. So young, so naïve, so cheap! Those are not our prices any more. We’ve raised them many times since… Read more »

One weird trick to raising your monthly price without a customer revolt

YOUR FRIEND, ALOUD “OMG did you hear the news? SomeStartup has dramatically increased their prices and their customers are in active revolt.” YOU, THINKING Oh no. I wanted to raise my prices… but my skin is soft and vulnerable to torches and pitchforks so I guess I will just… you know… tootle along at this… Read more »

Confessions of a (reformed) whiner

Hey guys! This is a guest post by 30×500 alum Ryan Castillo, author of 7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers and reformed procrastinator. Hi. My name is Ryan and I am a whiner. Or at least I used to be, but we’ll get to that in a minute. For the past three years I’ve failed… Read more »

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