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Why You Should Do A Tiny Product First

NOTE: The Bootcamp has been moved to June 29/30th due to conflicts. Expect an official announcement this week! So, one of the major changes that Alex and I are making to 30×500 is to teach our students to create an educational product first. What’s an educational product, or infoproduct? Anything small that teaches (which isn’t [...]

Nathan Barry’s $5k App Challenge: My Seasoned Bootstrappy Advice

I think Nathan Barry is the bee’s knees. He’s been killing it with his info products: The App Design Handbook and Designing Web Applications. Even before he announced his Web App Challenge, to build an app from scratch that would reach $5,000/mo revenue in 6 mos, I was sure it would only be a matter [...]

4 Years Into Our SaaS: Why Bootstrapping Was the Only Logical Choice

Hey, there. Four years ago this December, my husband & I launched our first software as a service, Freckle Time Tracking. Since then, it’s grossed nearly $700,000, and we’ve grown, shrunk, hired, fired, stagnated and worked our tails off. To celebrate, I’m writing a series of blog posts about what we’ve learned. When I was [...]

Why Bootstrapping Is Better than an Accelerator Program

NOTE FROM YOUR EDITOR: Sometimes you get an email that’s so right, that so captures what you’ve been trying to create for years that you just can’t help but dance and squeal with glee. That’s how I felt when I saw this very powerful story on the 30×500 mailing list. I feel honored to help [...]

Be Your Own Angel – How to Make Money Happen

Let’s talk about money, baby! And where money comes from. Whether it’s funding or acquihires, angels or convertible notes, debt or income, money is the topic we all looooove to talk about (and pretend not to care about). Lemme be straight with you: I love me some money. And I don’t mind admitting it. Growing [...]

Fuck Glory – Startups are One Long Con

I’m in my early 20s. Startups seem to be the only way out of 40 years of mediocrity in TPS-land for me, so I don’t really think I have much of a choice. It’s startups or nothing for me. Or maybe I am being myopic? Are there more options to be had in life than [...] Related posts:

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The Truth about Success – Brick by Brick

Scene: Last Thursday, at a big round table in a — no joke — Portugese-Chinese fusion tapas joint, sealed off from the rest of the room by beaded curtains made of brass. At the table, a bunch of geeks eating finger food and shootin’ the shit. It was, in a way, a business round table. [...]

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Your Job? Ensure this NEVER Happens to You

When you create a product that people love, you take on a special kind of responsibility. This is what happens when you don’t take that responsibility seriously: Mixin was a very cool little tool. Lots of people loved it. And now it’s dead, because its parents didn’t ensure that they gave their little product-baby what [...]

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  1. Why I’m putting on a bootstrapping conference in Vienna

Why I’m putting on a bootstrapping conference in Vienna

Yes, definitely Vienna. cc paula moya Despite what my former American neighbor said — “Eh, it’s all the same. They barbecue and drink beer, just like us!” — up and moving to Austria has been a total shock to my system. So what’s a girl to do when she’s voluntarily excised herself from her meatspace [...]

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