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My Smart, Generous, Very Attractive Students Teach You Stuff

I’m a little occupied with the launch of the new 30×500 class. In terms of launching the brand spanky new application process, we-eeeell… let’s just say my mouth wrote some checks my butt couldn’t cash. Still working’ on that. (Pssst. If you want to attend, you better get on the list now.) On the upside, […]

3 Years of Bootstrapping – Half a Million Dollars A Year Later – and 30×500, Redux

Hello, Q2 2012! I meant to do one of these retrospective posts in January, but you know what? Tax season seems like as good a time as any. 3 Years of Biz – The Numbers! In case you don’t know the story of my business, here’s the short version: in 2008, I married my rockstar […]

Dealing with the Emotional Turbulence of your Launch

The voices in my head have reached a fever pitch. It must be launch time. Launching is an emotional game. It’s so easy to construct elaborate stories about how this or that detail will lead to terrible failure or runaway success. It’s constant. Fully detailed worlds erected by nothing but imagination. I’m in the midst […]

Why I Pass Up $1,450 – & Turn Away Prospective Students

Believe it or not, I turn away students for my 30×500 Product Launch Class all the time. That sounds kinda crazy, doesn’t it? Here I have somebody trying to give me a fistful of hundreds, and what do I tell them? Oooh yeah, fork it over!? No. I tell them to keep it. Why? It’s […]

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The Truth about Success – Brick by Brick

Scene: Last Thursday, at a big round table in a — no joke — Portugese-Chinese fusion tapas joint, sealed off from the rest of the room by beaded curtains made of brass. At the table, a bunch of geeks eating finger food and shootin’ the shit. It was, in a way, a business round table. […]

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Tickets are now on sale!

Yep, that’s right: it’s 6:30pm in my neck of the woods and the 75 tickets for the 30×500 Launch Class are now on sale. You’ve read the details page, right? That lists exactly what the class is, how it works, what you get, how much it costs, and my extremely generous refund policy? Good. As […]

The deal: 30×500 Launch Class, Splained

So, ladies and gentlemen, deal with the 30×500 Launch Class: Is the class right for me? Are you a developer or a designer with developer-y skills? Or are you excited to make a non-software product, like ebooks, templates, or screencasts? The class is for you. When is it? 30×500 Launch Class is 4-month online class […]

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